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Only Airplanes Count – Lost City split 7 inch

“Lost City split 7 inch”

added by on February 10, 2010
  • Released: 1998
  • Hailing From: Racine
  • Label: Lost City
  • Members:
    • Mark Sheppard - Vocals, Guitar
    • Whitney Teska - Drums
    • NIck Sheppard - Bass
    • Ryan Poulsen - Guitar

Only Airplanes Count, infamous for their appearance on the first Emo Diaries compilation alongside Jimmy Eat World, released two 7 inches. Over time, their style changed from emo to a heavier mathy/screamo/hardcore sound – at which time they changed their name to Forstella Ford. Whitney Teska went on to form Tornavalanche and Ft. the Shadow Government.

NOTE: We have excluded the flipside by Stillwell, as they were not a Milwaukee area band.

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