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Compound Red – Mr. Microcosm

“Mr. Microcosm”

added by on June 2, 2010
  • Released: 1993
  • Hailing From: West Bend, Milwaukee
  • Label: Hardspun
  • Members:
    • Jon Lyman - Vocals
    • Dave Henderleiter - Drums
    • Andy Reis - Bass
    • Mike Allen - Guitar
    • Dave Vegafria - Guitar

Members also in: NODThe Condition, Only Lovers Left Alive, Dim Suns



    I’ve seen Compound Red live! She Moves is one of the greatest songs live! Are there any videos out there of their earlier shows?

  • Frank Walter says:

    I am an old Army buddy of Davey V I am trying to contact him if any knows how to please4 let me know.

  • Steven Krause says:

    I wish the Only Lovers Left Alive stuff would surface. 2004 or so, so it should surface any day now hopefully. mbv drum machine styled no wave

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