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MKEpunk Radio Hour – Episode 2

Posted on March 3, 2015

We just finished airing Episode 2 of the MKEpunk Radio Hour on WMSE at the station. Luckily, this time the server saved the mp3 and you can hear it here.


Craig, the gracious host of The Shape of Rock, has posted his entire playlist here, which includes our segment.

But for your convenience, we’ve relisted it below:

Time of Your Life/ Compound Red/ Dairy, Meat and Horsepower
Great Expectations/ Demise/ All Of This For Nothing
My Pal Chew Toy/ Damitol/ Damitol
Algia Butterfly/ M.I.J./ Chewed Smooth Center
Indica/ Feck/ Giraffe-Indica
Hated By All/ Netherflesh/ Demo
Young and Strong/ The Service/ Young and Strong
Hasenpfeffer/ The Pacers/ Hassenpfeffer
Beam/ Somtime Sweet Susan/ Collide
Wasting Away/ Smitty/ Groovilicious
Ghost Dance/ Buried/ Leaders, Machines, and Lies
Sinker/ Alligator Gun/ OneHundredPercentFreak

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