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2013 Top 5 Artists

Posted on December 30, 2013

Ever year we like to take a look back at the most dowloaded bands of the year. 2013 saw a lot of great new (old) material added to the site and a couple broke into the top 5.

1 Die Kreuzen - Who else would be the most downloaded band but the poster children of Wisconsin Punk? They wrapped up their reunion this year with dates around the world and even visited the third-world-country that is Racine, Wisconsin.

2 Alligator Gun - As I’m sure you already know Alligator Gun is playing a reunion show Jan. 18, 2014 at Turner Hall in Milwaukee. If you haven’t already downloaded the records you don’t have yet now would be a good time. I’ve been told that the set list will have a little of everything.

3 Boris the Sprinkler - Hopefully Boris will be the gateway drug that gets us into everything else from Green Bay. Rev Norb has had a busy year. He's is playing out as much as ever with Rev Norb and the Onions and put out a book that’s worth the read called The Annotated Boris which you can pick up from Bulge.

4 Dr Shrinker - Dr Shrinker came back in 2013 and has been playing out regularly since. They’ll be reissuing some vinyl in 2014 as well as working on new Material. You can follow them on Facebook for the latest.

5 Phantasm - Boris is proof that the “MKE” part of our name is misleading while Dr Shrinker and Phantasm show that the “Punk” part is also limiting. Personally this was one of my favorite additions to the site this year. I listened to them a lot while we were driving between skate spots but haven’t been able to hear them in years.

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