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We have partnered with WMSE 91.7FM!

The best of local music that was brought in to WMSE were transferred onto “carts” that could be easily played on the radio. Those carts have been digitized and the complete library is being offered for the first time. Can you believe it? Neither can we!

Random volume from the WMSE stacks:
added on April 2, 2013
“Library Eu-FI”
Released: 1984-1997
Hailing From: Milwaukee
Top 10 Most Wanted
  1. 1. Wild Kingdom
  2. 2. The Ama-Dots
  3. 3. Inspector 12
  4. 4. The Haskels
  5. 5. The Elevators
  6. 6. The New Detective Squad
  7. 7. Brass Tacks
  8. 8. Vocokesh
  9. 9. Los Diablos Blankos
  10. 10. Think
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Random Releases from the Archive